Woodworking is the process in which an individual is building, constructing or carving an object particularly made of wood. Almost anything can be made through woodworking, some of the most common objects constructed through woodworking include cabinets, tables and even small wooden box cars. Woodworking is not only suitable for men, many women also enjoy engaging in woodworking activities as well. Woodwork for women is extremely common and increasingly popular worldwide. One of the most notably well known women in woodworking is Patt Gregory. Patt Gregory is considered to be a professional with vast knowledge of the craft of woodworking.

Patt has held a various number of woodworking classes, she has taught woodworking skills to hundreds of women in her personal woodworking workshop located in her very own backyard. Among other things, Patt Gregory has also written an extremely informative woodworking book and created several basic woodworking videos. There is a variety of different woodworking classes and workshops available, from woodworking basics to woodworking for experts. For the most part, woodworking is a craft that can be quite gratifying and is appropriate for both men and women.

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