Woodworking clamps are available in a wide variety of different lengths, shapes and sizes. Among other clamps, one of the most common woodworking clamps is the standard bar clamp. The standard bar clamp is a simple bar with a ratcheting head and a screw mechanism used to tighten the stock down. Another style of woodworking clamps is the parallel head clamp, given it’s name because of the two bases that stay parallel on the bar at all times. Another clamp for woodworking project that many people are familiar with is the quick-grip clamp.

The heads on the quick-grip clamp easily slide among the bar. Objects can be clamped and released by simply squeezing the handles, although the quick-grip clamp does not offer the same amount of pressure as the standard bar clamp. Equipped with a large spring in the middle similar to a clothes pin, although a lot more sturdier, is another commonly used style of woodworking clamps, a spring clamp. Despite the fact that the spring clamp does not render a lot of pressure, they can still come in use for grabbing little objects or securing small items in place. The majority of woodworking clamps are extremely easy woodworking tools to operate and have a variety of different uses.

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