The woodcutting multi-tool which will be available for purchase in the United States in September of 2011 is a cordless model with all of the same features as its corded counterpart. The cordless multi-tool model is capable of doing the same amount of work in the same amount of time as a corded model. This cordless Fein tool is powered by a high-quality lithium ion battery.

Fein Tools only uses A and B grade ions in their batteries, the two highest grades in a spectrum ranging from A to E. When not in use, this high grade of lithium ion battery only loses less than 0.2% of its battery life over a year of inactivity. This means Fein’s new cordless multi-tool tool will stay charged for however long it takes its owner to start a wooden project.

The tool can run continuously for between 25 and 30 minutes before draining the battery. The charger can be plugged in while working to keep a continuous charge. Fein’s cordless multi-tool has a battery life indicator on the side so it is easy to check the charge before starting a job. This woodcutting multi-tool comes in two varieties, one with a 14 volt battery, the other with an 18 volt battery.

Attachments are interchangeable for both cordless and corded models, enabling woodworkers the ability to use their old, corded Fein attachments to save money on buying extra attachments. The new cordless multi-tool model offers a lever that allows for quick attachment change. There is no need for bolts and/or screwdrivers to switch out the attachments, and the lever’s quick, simple design makes it easy to switch out attachments in a matter of seconds. AWFS Fair  July 20-23, 2011.

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