Among other woodworking tools and supplies, hand tools are often used in woodworking. A hand tool is typically a small object that can be operated by using only the hands. For the most part, almost any tool can be considered a hand tool. Woodworking tips from every day items to dental tools and even art supplies, dependent upon an individuals budget, there is an abundant supply of hand tools that can be utilized for woodworking. Some of the most common hand tools that can be used include chisels, squares, hand saws, spatulas, tweezers and even dental tools.

Art spatulas are often used to spread glue. The dental tools come in handy during repair jobs and are good for scrapping glue off of an object. Tweezers allow the individual the opportunity to grab really small pieces, allowing them to grasp a little object in order to glue it onto something bigger. Good steel chisels are best used when the edges are sharp, therefore learning to sharpen chisels can definitely come in handy. While keeping your budget in consideration, there is an endless amount of hand tools that can be purchased and utilized for woodcraft.

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