A wood joint is the crossroad at which two pieces of wood are conjoined together forming one whole. In order to determine which type of woodworking project or plans a wood joint is the strongest, there are a series of tests that can be performed. Over 100 woodworking joints samples were built and tested using two different types of tests, one known as a shear test and the other a pull-apart test. A shear test simulates a frame being pushed out of alignment, in order to test the strength of the wood joint, a steel plate is pressed down upon the horizontal piece of the wood joint.

The machine is equipped with a device that automatically measures and records the amount of force that is pressed upon the wood, as well as gradually increasing the amount of pressure. The breaking point is considered to be the maximum amount of pressure that the joint withstands. The second test performed was the pull-apart test, the pull-apart test simply pulls the joint apart. Similar to the shear test, the machine used for the pull-apart test measures and records pulling force, increasing the force gradually. This video provides basic information as well as a step by step guide for methods that can be used to test the strength of various woodworking joints.

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