The woodworking plans for box should be carefully glued while putting band clamps to secure it tightly. Leave it for enough number of hours to dry and carefully unclamped it. After which, you will have to place layout marks on where you will place the spline miter joints. In figuring out the distance between one spline from another, you can put a tape and label it per inch.

When cutting table splines, you will have to use a table saw blade with flat brown teeth. This will ensure that the groove where your table splines will be inserted in to will have a nice flush flat bottom. Then decide how far end from the edge of your board your spline will be cut then add 3 quarters an inch. This dimension will determine how far your board will be from the edge of the blade. Before doing the final cut, do some test cuts to make sure that the jig is in its proper place. After you have determined that the location of the groove in your test board is correct, you can now proceed to cutting. Once you made the first cut, reposition the jig saw to cut all of its corners. To cut the opposite side, simply rotate it around. Each time you need to move further from the board, just reposition the fence.

Once you have repeated the steps, you can now cut the splines that will be inserted into the groove. To do this, you can simply rip a piece of wood. You should be able to cut to the exact thickness followed by cutting it in short sections. After finishing gluing the parts, you can have it refined by sanding and applying your favourite finish.

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