Another reason is that it produces a more accurate cut by giving more surface area on the part where you will be cutting making a rip cut. To make a zero tolerance throat plate for your table saw, here are some easy woodworking tips to follow:

– First, measure the length and the width of the factory throat plate
– Second, you have to figure out how thick the stock needs to be in making your new zero tolerance throat plate
– After taking your measurements, you will need to run down the stock to a planer and get the desired cut
– The cut of the stock should be according to the measurements you have taken comprising the width and the length
– Once you have ripped your material to the thickness needed of your plate, you can now rip it to its width
– You can now check on the fit of the stock before finally cutting it according to the measurement of the old table saw’s factory zero tolerance throat plate
– Lastly, you will have to cut according to the size of the factory throat plate so that the new throat plate will fit perfectly

As a precaution, you will have to wear safety gear as you will be using a lot of machines in cutting boards needed for a new throat plate. Eye protector such as glasses is needed to avoid any table saw dust to penetrate the eyes. Once you are geared up, you can continuously work without hazard.

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